What We Believe

Welcome to the Alt Right  These are our core values:

1) We believe that every race is important and should be preserved.  This includes whites.  We believe that each race needs a homeland, a place to call their own, that is exclusively theirs.  A place to keep their traditions alive, honor their ancestors, and pass on the torch to future generations.  Japan for the Japanese, Africa for the Africans, Israel for the Jews, and Europe for native white Europeans.  People naturally migrate to live with their own, to force integration on a large scale is a recipe for strife and conflict.

2) We believe in the value of the nuclear family and high investment parenting.  One of the most fundamental reasons why western cultures have been more successful than other cultures is that children are raised by a mother and a father, not by a tribe.  The best results come when a kid is exposed to both male and female influences.  Single parenting and same sex couples deprive kids of this important influence in the same way letting a daycare raise a child for the bulk of their young developmental lives.

3) We are fundamentally against the idea of a multicultural society.  It is ironic that the idea of multiculturalism destroys the diversity that multiculturalists seek to protect.  If we are forced to abandon our own traditions to celebrate another’s, then an important part of what made us who we are will be lost in time.  In that vein, races and cultures should be encouraged to intermingle and interact, but should celebrate and preserve the traditions of their own tribe over others.

4) We believe in traditional family values and gender roles. Girls should be encouraged to be girls and boys should be encouraged to be boys.  The genders are not the same and to say that they are ignoring reality.  Though males and females are fundamentally different, they compliment each other in a way that is irreproducible when traditional gender roles are abandoned.  Children should be encouraged to pursue whatever they are passionate about, even if it’s outside of their gender role.  To suggest that a girl is a lesser person, however, because she doesn’t want to pursue a career but instead wants to nurture and raise a family creates an identity crisis that goes against hundreds of thousands of years of biology.  To suggest that a first grade boy needs to consider what gender pronoun they want to use is criminal.

5) We believe that equality should mean equality.  Concepts like affirmative action are nothing but thinly masked racism.  True equality means taking race and gender off of college admission applications, not favoring minority or woman owned businesses, or chastising a business because its workforce isn’t diverse enough.  Real equality is judging people on their merits alone, admitting the student that put in the extra effort to get a high GPA or hiring the most qualified candidate for the job without considering race, gender, or other factors.

6) We believe in closed borders.  To allow illegal aliens into a country, to support them, to provide them with free benefits and welfare is not only an unnecessary and unsustainable burden on society, it’s also a slap in the face to all of the immigrants who went to the tremendous time and effort to immigrate legally.  Illegal immigrants in any country are breaking the law and should be deported as soon as they are discovered.  If they want to come back, they are welcome to apply and follow the rules of the society they want to join – just like everyone else who made the effort to legally enter a country has done.

7) We believe that there are differences between the races, and that those differences are a good thing.  Despite what society tells us, everyone is not the same and races exhibit broad and quantifiable trends, both culturally as well as in basic metrics like IQ, athletic ability, propensity to violence, and creative talents.  To deny this is to deny both hundreds of years of academic research as well as millennia of historical trends.  To think that our society has advanced so much in the last 100 years that we can all hold hands and be the same is lunacy.  There’s a reason that Indians still run the corner stores, blacks are still in the ghettos, Jews infiltrate the banks and media, and whites are still turning out classic art and literature that will inspire for generations.

8) We believe in the value of hard work, competition, and good character.  Life does not hand out participation trophies and everyone is not a winner.  Children should be raised in a truly competitive environment, not one with padded corners and tests that cater to the lowest common denominator.  Values like trustworthiness, thriftiness, honesty, charity, and making decisions that benefit ones family and community should be instilled and encouraged in a society.  When you raise a kid to walk on eggshells, be worried that they might offend or trigger someone, and think that as long as they show up they’ll be a winner, you shouldn’t be surprised when they grow up to be a pushover who doesn’t take responsibility for their own actions, someone who demands handouts instead of mucking in to get the job done and earn what they need.

9) We believe in a non-interventionist foreign policy.  We have enough issues in our own country, from poverty to declining economies, from a deteriorating public infrastructure and an education system that is rapidly falling behind almost every other first world country, it is clear that we have plenty to fix at home.  To think that it is appropriate to exert our way of life and our system on government on cultures that are radically different is pure hubris.  Maintain strong alliances with historical partners based on shared interests and mutual defense, but let each nation forge their own path – even, and especially, those who are so far culturally removed from us as to seem alien or barbaric.  This is the true way to preserve diversity.

10) We believe in free speech.  Often the most important speech are the viewpoints that others find disagreeable, controversial, or offensive.  The right to one’s own opinions is fundamental and inalienable.  Growth, both personally and as a society is most rapidly achieved when the status quo is constantly challenged and forced to prove itself.  To censor speech that goes against the grain or that some may find offensive stalls the advancement of a society and the evolution away from ideas that are contrary to the greater good.

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